Robot verification failed and possible solutions

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Before click: [ ] I'm not a robot After click: ✓ Welcome back T-800, nice day to destroy humanity


Any step below can help you to solve problem. That mean that any of them may or may not help, no guaranties. For some people work one thing, for other people other things, for somebody even all these steps not always work somewhy. You can try each step separately or combine them in one try.

If you facing problems with captcha when trying to create/renew/etc your VPS, there are known reasons and possible solutions:


Don’t use autofill feature for text fields, sometimes it may lead to errors (browser is sure that field filled, but website doesn’t receive the value). So please type all things manually


Sometimes problems may appear with network or cache (loaded incorrectly).

Refresh page with Ctrl+F5. This will refresh page and ignore cache, so probably captcha will be loaded correctly.

Extra dot in URL

Check if your address bar has no extra dot after domain. It should be “”, and NOT “” with trailing dot. Same for Woiden (“”, but not “”).

Such reason reported in the January 2023 breaking hCaptcha


Sometimes reCaptcha probably thinks that you’re too fast for human.

Try to behave more like “average” human – type a bit slower, may be make typos sometimes, like suggested in Telegram group


Disable adblock and other similar extensions on Hax/Woiden. Sometimes captcha can’t be loaded correctly due to them.

There weren’t reports about that, but i.e. uMatrix extension allow to manage requests made from page, and by default blocks all external requests, so captcha domains should be allowed manually.

Unknown Chromium reasons

Try with Firefox (or any other browser). For unknown reasons, earlier people had reported very often about captcha failed from their chrome/chromium-based browsers, and switching to Firefox helped them.

Google reCaptcha and Google account

If you use separate browsers for different tasks, then try to use the one, which is commonly used with Google account.

May be just a coincidence, but that helped for some people too

ISP, VPN or Proxy

There is a small chance, that problem related to your ISP (same captcha may not work on other websites too).

You can try to use VPN/Proxy to visit Hax/Woiden. If you already use them, try to visit website without them or try to use another VPN/Proxy for Hax/Woiden websites.

External captcha issues

There is small chance, that problem appeared at captcha service itself (here meant reCaptcha, hCaptcha and so on).

You can’t do anything in this case as user, so just try again later


Any external captcha is kinda “black box” – it just gives result like “passed” or “failed” without any explanation of fails. Due to that you never know what exactly goes wrong, so need to try multiple things to solve it.

If you have continious problems and nothing above help you solve it, then do backup of your files if they’re important for you, to be sure that you won’t lost your data