Obtaining IPv4 for IPv6 VPS

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IPv6 is only accessible to IPv6 users, there may be many solutions for this, for example, using a VPN but there are cases where you can’t use a VPN so somehow you need to change your IPv6 VPS to make it accessible from IPv4. In this tutorial, we will use shared IPv4 to forward traffic to your IPv6, so that you access it from any IPv4 network.

  1. Open this tool > IPv6 to IPv4
  2. In this example, I want to open port 1111 then forward it to my IPv6 VPS on port 22,
    my goal is that I can SSH from the IPv4 network to the IPv6 server without any VPN

    after submitted the below information will be displayed
  3. Now, i’m able to access my IPv6 VPS from any network, here I’m trying to connect to my VPS from IPv4 only

    fyi: this method can be used for tunneling from ipv4 network to ipv6 vps, more tutorials coming soon 🙂
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