Install X-ui Panel for use v2ray nodes easily

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X-ui is an xray panel that supports multiple protocols and multiple users. It can monitor system status, configure more transmission configurations, traffic statistics, limit traffic, limit expiration time, etc.

This tutorial will teach you how to use the X-ui panel to deploy your v2ray nodes



  1. VPS (if you dont have it you can get it from
  2. A domain (You can use your own or Hax’s cloudflare pointing)


1. Login into your VPS by SSH
2. Copy and paste the following code

bash <(curl -Ls

3. Waiting for installation
4. When the following prompt appears on the command line, the installation is successful


Login to panel and change its password

1. Open the browser http://[server ip address]:54321, login panel (user name and password are both for admin)

2. Go to 面板设置 (panel settings) → 用户设置 (user settings), modify the user name and password

Make node

1. Login Panel
2. Go to the 入站列表 (inbound list) and click the blue + sign

3. Enter remarks (备注), port (端口,generally keeps the default), and transmission protocol (传输,is recommended to choose ws). The traffic rate (总流量) and expiration time (过期时间) can be set. If you use domain then enable TLS, then enter domain and set certificate. Then click add (添加)


4. Click Operation (操作) → QR code (二维码) next to the node you just created

5. Use your mobile phone to scan the QR code on the screen, or click the copy (复制) button to export the node you just created

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