How to use for issue ssl cert with ipv6

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For this tutorial we will going to get ssl cert. For easier ways it’s But for default is using ipv4. And how to use this with ipv6? Let’s read this.


  • A ipv6 VPS
  • A domain with AAAA record for ipv6 VPS


1. Install warp or use dns64 by this command

echo -e nameserver 2a01:4f8:c2c:123f::1 > /etc/resolv.conf

2. Install script by these command

curl | sh -s [email protected] # Change this email for yours
source ~/.bashrc
bash ~/ –upgrade –auto-upgrade
bash ~/ –set-default-ca –server letsencrypt

3. Confirm 80 port is not used, then run this command

bash ~/ –issue -d ${domain} –standalone -k ec-256 –listen-v6 –insecure

4. If ssl cert issuing is successful, then use this command for install cert

bash ~/ –install-cert -d ${domain} –key-file /root/private.key –fullchain-file /root/cert.crt –ecc

5. All done


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