How to Install WARP on IPv6 VPS for enable IPV4 access

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In this tutorial, we will install CloudFlare WARP on an IPv6 VPS, so that you can use IPv4 Network on an IPv6 only VPS


1. Login to your VPS, if you don’t have it you can get free one on

2. Run this script for this below, if your vps is lxc or openvz please enable TUN first

wget -N && bash

3. Select 1 or 2 choice


4. If you have WARP+ account, copy and paste key at here (you can get it on app), or press “Enter” key for skip

5. Select warp program


6. You can see the result for WARP status


7. Use “curl -4 <website>” for check

8. If you don’t want use WARP on VPS, you can use “warp u” command


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