How to install aaPanel for ipv6 vps

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aapanel is an useful webpanel for making websites. In this tutorial we will install aapanel on hax vps.




512M or more, 768M or more is recommended (Pure panel for about 60M of system memory)

Hard disk:

More than 100M available hard disk space (Pure panel for about 20M disk space)


CentOS 7.1+ (Ubuntu20, Debian10), to ensure that it is a clean operating system, there is no other environment with Apache/Nginx/php/MySQL installed (the existing environment can not be installed)



1 SSH Login to VPS

2 Execute the following command to install aaPanel



yum install -y wget && wget -O && bash forum

Debian / Ubuntu:

wget -O && sudo bash forum


3 Once the installation is complete, log in to the panel using the extranet panel access address below and the username and password provided


TIPS: If you can’t access to panel, turn off warp by “warp o” command and execute “echo “True” > /www/server/panel/data/ && bt restart” command, then use http://[ipv6 address]:7800/path for access panel


4. install software for vps


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