How to get free top domain from freenom?

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When we build a website, we have to use a domain name. But if we don’t have the money right now, a domain name that costs several dollars a year may not be affordable. At this time, we can apply for Freenom’s free domain name to rescue. But Freenom’s mysterious operation is really confusing. Today I will take you to register the Freenom domain name.

Registration Tips

Go to to see your own IP country, for my ip its US ip

Open Freenom website (
Click “Partners” → “Developers”

Scroll down the page and click on the green button “Get a Random Domains Account today!”

Enter the email address and click “Verify my Email address”

Check your Freenom activation email in your inbox

In the pop-up page, enter the domain name you want to register

Click the green “Checkout” button

Select the period of use and click “Continue”

Cancel Developers service

Fill in the personal information of the country where the IP is located, agree to the agreement, and click “Complete Order”

registration success

PS: If the registration prompt is wrong, please click “Hello, xxx” → “Edit account details” to modify personal information. Note that the country must be the same as the IP address.

Click “Services” → “My Domains”

Here you can see your registered domain name, click “Manage Domain”

Modify the DNS server according to the steps shown in the picture, you can use CloudFlare DNS server

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