How to get free Domain for IPv6 VPS

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How to get a free domain for your ipv6 vps,
1. Check your VPS adress by clicking this site and save your VPS ipv6 address,

2 . Visit :

3. Fill in the required form.

things to note :

– Domains can only be filled with letters and numbers, no symbols or anything else.
– This DNS Pointing uses Cloudflare, you can set ‘cf-proxy’ to ‘YES’ to make it support both IPv4 and IPv6 but only support Cloudflare-proxied ports (443,80) and only websocket protocol allowed OR you can set ‘cf-proxy’ to ‘NO’ to keep your real IPv6 address and be able to open any port. 

4. Verify captcha code. ( i am not a robot )

5. Click Create DNS

Finish, now you can save and use the domain that you just created.

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