How to Enable IPv6 on windows by Teredo tunnel

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In this tutorial I will tech you how to enable IPv6 on your windows PC by Teredo tunnel.


  1. Right click start menu and click “Windows Terminal (Administrator)”

2. Run “netsh interface teredo set state enterpriseclient server=default”, then the terminal will return “OK”

3. Ping IPv6 websites for check the connection

4. If result like “Request timed out” (for my terminal displays 请求超时), you can’t connect to ipv6 by default teredo tunnel

5. Then set alternate tunnel, run “netsh interface teredo set state”

6. Ping IPv6 websites again, you will see the website is pingable

7. Try to connect to your IPv6 VPS by Xshell or any SSH software

8. If you want to disable Teredo tunnel, run “netsh interface Teredo set state disable” for disable it

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