How to easily install V2ray node with mack-a’s script

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For todays tutorial we will install v2ray by mack-a’s script, thanks for mack-a for make installion easily!!!

  1. Login to your vps, if you dont have vps you can get one from here
  2. Paste and run this command
wget -P /root -N --no-check-certificate "" && chmod 700 /root/ && mv /root/ /root/ && /root/

3. Select “1. install”

4. Select Xray-core or V2ray-core, you can select as you like

5. Point your domain to your cloudflare dns, for me already have my own domain so I do it at cloudflare page, if you don’t have your own domain you can use or use DNS Pointing CF on hax site. then enter your domain at script

6. Wait script for deploying server, this will take 1-10 minutes

7. Installion complete, the script will generate server address like “vmess://” or “vless://”. Copy and paste it to v2ray software for use it. Enjoy!!!


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