Getting started – basic info, which you should know

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Hi there, in this article i will try to shortly describe most important basics of service. Also there you probably will find answers to your first questions 🙂

Free ≠ Unlimited

Unlike some big free services, Hax doesn’t have any big company behind, so there’s limited amount of resources, splited between limited amount of seats.

When you’re going to create VPS, please notice that if you see only “-select-” as available datacenter, this mean that there are no free seats right now. But don’t worry: nobody take seats forever. All VPS are created for 1 week. You can extend lifetime of VPS not longer than 1 week after day of renewal. Some users are forgeting to renew, some are deleting their VPS when they don’t need it more, so seats will appear. Cleanup of expired servers happens daily, so you will every day have a chance to take a seat.

Very short intro into IPv6

When you creating VPS, you probably noticed this checkbox? Yes, many users just clicking on it without real understanding of what IPv6 is. In general IPv6 was created because IPv4 has not enough possible addresses for nowadays. IPv6 has enough addresses for decades to come. But you here not for boring theory, right? So the most important thing to understand is that IPv6 and IPv4 doesn’t cross.

It means, that you can’t reach IPv6, if you have only IPv4 on your device. Same appliable for another side: you can’t reach IPv4, when you have only IPv6.

And VPS, which you will receive using only IPv6 for outbound connections. Sowftware (you’re going to use) as well can have support of IPv6 (out of the box or with additional configuration), or not support. Please refer to your software documentation or visit it’s communities to know if IPv6 supported.

Finally, one of the most common problem users faced is that they can’t reach some resource from their VPS. Now you have explanation above.

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This is solvable problem and solutions are: use VPN, which will provide you necessary IP version (for example use WARP on server in order to reach IPv4 resources from VPS or install it on your phone/desktop in order to reach IPv6 VPS). Another soultion for VPS is to enable DNS64, but it has nuances, which will be covered in one of next articles.

If you now wish to read something about IPv6, visit

P.S.: all IPv6 adresses are dedicated, so you have all ports available on IPv6 interface 🙂

P.P.S.: alternatively you can use traffic forwarding tools to connect to server, like Hax IPv4-to-IPv6 tool or ngrok/packetriot, or at least use web-terminals like

Some other tips about VPS

  • Servers are valid till date you see at VPS Info page. If you won’t extend your VPS lifetime, it will be terminated when cleanup at mentioned date will happen. Exact cleanup time is 17:00 UTC (which is actually 00:00 in GMT+7). If you are confused by talking about different timezones, then visit (external service, doesn’t related to Hax) to see this time converted to your local time, or refer to timezones map below

  • Servers at Hax and Woiden are limited with storage and memory. So keep tracking what you’re installing and downloading to your server, to know later what you can remove from server to save some space for new tasks. Yes, some users don’t check which resources they have and then facing error “No space left on device”. Use command df -h / to see how much storage you have in total, used and free. To see CPU and RAM usage, you can use tools like top, htop, and etc. Below are examples of how info displayed for storage via df command and for CPU+RAM via htop:

Getting help

When you created VPS, there was also checkbox “I agree that this VPS service is without technical support”. Yes, there is no support, but there is a community of users.

No matter which problem you will face, most likely you’re not the first in the world our community. Most common question were asked and explained hundred times, all info is saved in a handy place, you need just to wish to reach it.

  1. Our wiki is not as big as wikipedia, but it has some guides which might be usefull in your case –
  2. Our community is located in Telegram – If you didn’t know about this – welcome. Telegram has search function, so don’t be afraid to search – maybe your question was already answered before. P.S.: for the “don’t be afraid part” – some users asking questions even when same question was answered right before their message 😀
  3. If search didn’t help you for your exact question, try to search for keywords like “vmess” or “bot”
  4. Our community using Rose bot, which has support for notes, where some info is stored as well. Just send /notesto chat, pick one and send it’s name with hashsign to chat, i.e. #dc_full. There are also some filters (Rose will reply to some triggering keyphrases) but notes is most complete part.

If you didn’t find answer to your question in wiki, notes, filters and chat messages, please try to formulate it fully.

Example of bad question:

Help, i can’t do <something>

The problem is when your “something” is very general, it’s not possible to understand if you tried to do anything at all, or just came asking how to do. There are dozens of guides about almost any topic in google and other search engines.

Example of good question:

Hi, I’m trying to do <something> with <tool / programm / etc>, but i’m failed because it gives me <error message>. I’ve tried to solve problem by <steps you tried>, but it didn’t helped me. Can you suggest something?

In this case those, who want to help will understand what you’re doing, how you’re doing. They will know if you already tried things that they gonna suggest. In this way you simplify getting into your question for other members of community.

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Specific software related questions

It’s important for you to understand that software which you using may be not so popular as you think. So those, who usually helps, may be not familiar with it at all. If your question is very specific for only software you’re using, then it’s better to ask it in more appropriate places firstly: git issues, forums, telegram/discord or wherever else they have their (official or unofficial) communities. Be patient, because you will probably meet same people as you and it may take time while somebody will really help.

For example: if you develop a telegram bot with “library A”, and somebody else in chat has dozens of bot developed, it doesn’t mean that he will know answer for your question about “library A”, because he may using another library (may be with another language).

Don’t repeate your question each 5 minutes if nobody answer it right now. You can try to ask it again at another time of day (for example, if firstly asked at morning, then next try sometime at day and the next at evening) – may be then somebody familiar with your topic will become online.

Final thing at this topic: moderators are not the people who “know everything”. They as well may not know anything about your specific topic. Also notice, that they’re only chat moderators, they have no access to Hax tech part. So in any unexpected situations (which weren’t notified yet by owners) they can only wait for info like you all.